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I am a Consultant ENT Surgeon at the Spire Manchester Hospital, with over 20 years’ experience treating patients with ear, nose & throat conditions. I am also a Clinical Professor at Edge Hill University.

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Ear Conditions
Patients who have problems with wax blocking their ears can have the wax safely removed using the technique of microsuction.
Nose conditions
Management of nose problems such as nasal blockage, sinusitis, nasal polyps, smell disorders and facial pain.
Voice conditions
Patients with concerns about their voice may require a laryngoscopy in order to make the correct diagnosis.

A Personal Approach

My approach is to treat my patients as I would wish members of my family to be treated, or would like to be looked after myself. In my clinic I will always give patients plenty of time and do my best to discuss and explain the nature of the problem.

I will give a balanced opinion, and only recommend surgery if there is evidence that it is effective, and the benefits clearly outweigh the risks. My fees for my private patients are clear and transparent, and reasonable for a specialist in my field.

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Dr P, Cheshire -
" Thank-you so much for taking so much time, and  looking after me with such care – I’m very grateful."

Miss LP, London -
" Thank-you for doing such a wonderful job. You have truly made a difference to my life, and I can’t thank you enough."

Mrs DL, Salford -
" Thank-you so much for your time, patience,care and understanding. You have done an amazing job with my surgery and I’ll be eternally grateful."

Mrs MS, Manchester -
" I would like to thank you Professor Woolford for your tremendous work, and your care before and after my operation. "


    Professor Tim Woolford


    Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon

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    For Professor Woolford’s medico-legal practice visit: www.entmedicolegalexpert.co.uk