ENT Surgeon in Manchester

ENT Surgeon in ManchesterIf you have any problems with your ears, nose or throat then an expert ENT surgeon in Manchester can rectify the trouble.

If you have any problems with your ears, nose or throat then an expert ENT surgeon in Manchester can help you. Professor Tim Woolford is a respected and highly experienced surgeon. He will treat patients with ear problems by examining the ear to establish where the problem lies. Patients with ear wax build up can be helped with the aid of microsuction to remove the wax safely. Ear infections, deafness, earache, tinnitus and dizziness can also be investigated and treated by Professor Woolford.

Nasal problems can affect the quality of life of many people. In Manchester, ENT surgeon Professor Tim Woolford has great expertise in the management of many nasal issues such as blockage, sinusitis, nasal polyps, smell disorders, facial pain and nose bleeds. Nasal examination is performed using a special nasal telescope. This is known as a nasedoscopy and can diagnose problems within the nasal cavities. The throat can also be examined with a laryngoscope which allows Professor Woolford to closely examine and diagnose conditions of the throat and vocal cords. This can be carried out under local anaesthetic in the clinic.

Professor Tim Woolford is an expert ENT surgeon in Manchester. Contact his ENT clinic today to make an appointment to be assessed by him. He is a Consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon at the University Department of Ear, Nose & Throat surgery at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and the Spire Manchester Hospital. He has over 20 years of experience in specialist ear, nose and throat conditions. He is also a Clinical Professor at Edge Hill University. He is a past President of the ENT Facial Plastic Surgery Society and President Elect of the Section of Rhinology and Laryngology of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Trustee of the British Rhinological Society. He has been awarded two National NHS Clinical Excellence awards.

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