ENT Surgeon in Cheshire

ENT Surgeon in CheshireIf you need the care of an ENT surgeon in Cheshire, speak to Professor Tim Woolford. He has more than two decades’ worth of experience in treating patients with ear, nose and throat conditions. Additionally, he is a consultant ENT surgeon at the University Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and the Spire Manchester Hospital. His policy is simple; he uses an approach to treat his patients the way he would like to be treated or even how he would wish for his family members to be treated. This ensures you get the best possible advice and service and are provided for treatment that is suited to the condition at hand. Surgery will be suggested only in the most extreme of cases and undertaken with the utmost care, with post surgery aftercare being administered as well.

For patients in Cheshire, ENT surgeon fees are transparent to Tim Woolford’s private patients and are reasonable for a specialist in his field. When it comes to consultations, no amount of time is too much or too little. He gives his patients an appropriate amount of time in order to discuss the matter at hand and explain the nature of the problem in a way that they can understand. Some of the ear conditions he can treat include wax blocking using microsuction and others including infection, deafness, earache, tinnitus and dizziness. When it comes to nose conditions, you can seek after his services if you suffer from nasal blockages, sinusitis, nasal polyps, smell disorders and even facial pain. If you suffer from various throat conditions such as the presence of a lump or sore throats, you will be assisted in his clinic.

You don’t have to search far for an ENT surgeon in Cheshire. Contact Professor Tim Woolford for all your ENT needs. You’ll receive expert care from a passionate doctor who only wishes to alleviate the conditions of his patients in order to have them continue living normal everyday lives. Don’t let the pain you’ve been experiencing in your ears, nose or throat hinder you from living a pain-free life.

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