ENT Consultant in Manchester

ENT Specialist in ManchesterGet the right advice and assistance from a top-quality ENT consultant in Manchester. Professor Tim Woolford MD, FRCS (ORL- HNS) is an experienced consultant surgeon at the University Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck surgery, Manchester Royal Infirmary and the Spire Manchester Hospital and also Clinical Professor at Edge Hill University. He has more than two decades’ experience in this sector and enjoys a reputation for excellent diagnosis and treatment. He is also a reputed speaker and lecturer at many national and international academic councils and meetings. Being a published author of several books on the subject, Prof Woolford stays abreast of the latest information, research and technologies in the field.

When you have issues with your ear, nose or throat, it’s important not to delay visiting a doctor. In Manchester, ENT consultants can conduct the required tests and examination and give you the right advice and treatment. This prevents the condition from deteriorating further and affecting other structures in the head and neck. It’s important to get the right professional so that your problem is tackled correctly. Otherwise, you could end up losing your hearing or damaging your health. People may also suffer from allergies or from exposure to certain substances or chemicals. In all these cases, it’s important to diagnose the condition correctly, identify the root cause and provide the right treatment.

Choosing the right ENT consultant in Manchester should be done very carefully. With the NHS system being over-burdened, your treatment could get seriously delayed. A private consultant can help you to handle the problem immediately, give you relief and stop any deterioration of the condition. Check if you have the right insurance coverage and discuss your medical insurance plan with your consultant or their staff. Some insurance carriers want patients to get a referral from their family doctors. Once you have clarity on this, you can go ahead with the process. When you need an ENT consultant, contact Prof Woolford for more information. There are several different sub-specialities that ENT doctors can specialise in. Though all of them are qualified to treat ENT conditions, it’s wise to choose one with experience in handling issues like yours.

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