ENT Specialist in Cheshire

ENT Specialist in CheshireIf you need the services of a top ENT specialist in Cheshire, speak to Professor Tim Woolford. He is a consultant ENT surgeon with over two decades worth of experience. He serves as the President Elect of Laryngology & Rhinology at the Royal Society of Medicine and is heavily involved in teaching and training. His face is familiar in both national and international conference on ENT. Besides his academic accomplishments, Professor Tim Woolford is known for his quality practice. He has attended to many patients over the years and performed numerous surgeries. His approach to clinical practice is unique from most doctors. Professor Woolford takes the time to explain his diagnosis and management plan to ensure the patient is informed at each step. Moreover, he believes in giving a balanced opinion and only suggesting surgery when the benefits outweigh the risks.

For those suffering from nose, ear or throat complaints in Cheshire, ENT specialist can assist. Professor Tim Woolford makes his fees for private patients clear and transparent. His rates are reasonable for a specialist in his field and affordable. ENT specialists like Professor Woolford, tackle a lot of ailments that impair an individual’s functionality. Ear conditions almost always impair hearing. However, most of the pathologies, like wax blockage, only cause mild reversible hearing losses. Other problems such as deafness, earache, tinnitus and dizziness can also be investigated and managed.

Modern techniques have improved the practice of ENT specialists in Cheshire. Every day, less invasive, efficient technologies and techniques are introduced to the medical practice. Professor Woolford is always up to speed with the latest techniques and technologies. Where possible, less-invasive techniques are used in the management of conditions. Micro-suction is among the new techniques employed by Professor Woolford to safely remove ear wax. He has endoscopic tools for both diagnosis and management of ear, nose and throat conditions. He also enlists the expertise of audiologists and other clinicians especially when a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary. At his clinic, you are guaranteed top quality services. Contact Professor Tim Woolford’s clinic today for all your ENT problems. It is a known fact that the best services come from the best specialists.

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