ENT Specialist in Manchester

ENT Specialist in ManchesterTalk to an ENT specialist in Manchester if you have problems with your ears, nose or throat. Usually, an infection in one area ends up affecting either one of or all the other areas. Some conditions that may require you to seek the services of one include hearing impairment, infections or disorders that affect balance, problems that affect breathing, smelling or the physical appearance of the nose or disorders in the throat that affect speech, make it hard for you to sing, eat, swallow or affect your digestion. You may also need the services of an ENT specialist if you have related conditions of the head and the neck. They are trained to manage diseases, trauma and tumours and deformities of the head, neck and face.

If you have persistent hearing loss, ongoing nasal congestion or ringing in your ears, you shouldn’t let it get worse before getting it checked. In Manchester, ENT specialist services are provided by an ENT surgeon. Professor Tim Woolford is a master in his craft, with more than 20 years’ worth of experience treating patients with ear, nose and throat conditions. He has a personal approach with all his cases. He handles patients the way he would want his own family members to be handled and treated: with care and compassion. When it comes to consultation, he allocates enough time to his patients in order to discuss in depth what the problem might be and tailor a bespoke solution for them. There are many treatment options available with surgery being recommended only when there is enough evidence that it is effective and the benefits will outweigh the risks.

Apart from being an ENT specialist in Manchester, Professor Tim Woolford leads a master’s degree course at Edge Hill University and his expertise in ENT surgery is reflected in invitations to lecture at meetings and teach on several conferences. Contact ENT Surgeon:  Prof Tim Woolford today for professional care and expertise like no other. Your ear, nose and throat health is sure to be restored if affected in any way. You’re in safe hands throughout the process.

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