ENT Consultant in Manchester

ENT Consultant in ManchesterWhen should you consult an ENT consultant in Manchester? More than 50% of people are afflicted with some type of infection pertaining to the ear, nose and or throat; however, it is often ignored. ENT is one of the oldest branches in medical science. It pertains to the treatment of disorders afflicting the human neck and head. When infections in these areas are left untreated, they will transform into more serious problems later on. An ear infection is a perfect example. It is difficult to detect because the individual might not necessarily have symptoms. However, dizziness is the most cited symptom. When mucous accumulates in the nose, it travels to the Eustachian tube and then into the ear canal where it transforms into an infection. When patients visit ENT Surgeon: Prof Tim Woolford, they are experiencing bouts of hearing loss, severe headaches and issues with balancing. Medical treatment is the only proven way to cure any type of ear, nose and throat infection.

If your child is complaining of head or earaches in Manchester, an ENT consultant is within reach in your neighbourhood. At your first appointment with ENT Surgeon: Prof Tim Woolford, we will conduct a detailed consultation such as your child’s medical workup, such as current and past medical conditions, allergies, current medications, and family medical history. Then we will examine his or her current medical issue. Following this consultation, Prof Tim Woolford will recommend the best course of treatment for your child and how to prevent this in the future. Depending on the cause, he may also recommend changes in diet and lifestyle.  An earache left ignored can cause severe pain and permanent hearing loss; so please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

For any health concerns related to the ear, nose and or throat, visit an ENT consultant in Manchester. Give us a call at ENT Surgeon: Prof Tim Woolford to schedule your appointment. You’ll be surprised to learn how much your health is affected by minor infections to the head and face regions.

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